The Lighting Secrets of the World's Best Wedding Photographers

Discover dramatic and original lighting techniques to improve your wedding photography!



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100+ Pages of Creatively Lit Wedding Photography

LIT features world class wedding photography in beautiful high resolution, combined with all the gear, settings and lighting diagrams to help you recreate each photo and get inspired to take your photography to the next level!

Learn from the masters
Discover in their own words the thinking and execution behind some of wedding photography's most iconic work
Discover the Lighting Secrets
Each featured photographer reveals the exact settings used to achieve their shots.
Get to grips with your gear
All the gear used by each photographer is revealed, including all their secret gadgets!
Get Inspired!
Reinvigorate your wedding photography work by replicating and improving tried and tested techniques!
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Over 50 World Class Wedding Photographers

Learn the secret Lighting Techniques to create their iconic shots.

Ross Harvey, Callaway Gable, Crystal Stokes, Geoff Wilkins, The Uppermost, Elisha Stewart, Kathryn Krueger, Emin Kuliyev, Chrisman Studios, Franck Boutonnet, Ryan Brenizer, Jason Vinson, Bruno Rosa, Stark Photography, Hoffer Photography, Lyn & Jirsa, Steven Rooney, Victor Lax and many more!

Torch lighting

Chrisman Studios

Unravel the mind boggling single frame of Ryan Zhang of Chrisman Studios.

Image Projection

Neil Redfern

Discover the secret behind the hottest wedding photography of the year!

Handheld Flash

Stark Photography

Was it staged or was it live? How on earth to time, light & execute a shot like this!

LED Lights

Franck Boutonnet

Double exposure, Photoshop, or magic? Learn from one of France's best!

Modified Strobe

Hoffer Photography

Artificial lighting doesn't have to look artificial. Discover how to light your subjects naturally.

LED Panel

Jason Vinson

Don't forget about the details! Unique Wedding photography lighting explained.

Double Exposure

Hiram Trillo

Learn how double exposures can bring another level to your lit photography.


HBA Photography

Lighting wedding groups creatively is difficult. Learn how this image was created.

Recent LIT Reviews

Everyone is benefitting from LIT! World-class wedding photographers with hundreds of weddings under their belts all the way down to newcomers just stepping their foot into the wedding photography industry. More reviews coming soon...

Lanny & Erika Mann - Two Mann Studios

"The LIT book is the most comprehensive wealth of practical lighting information I've ever seen. Thanks for illuminating the way!"

Trevor Dayley

"The LIT book is exactly what photographers are looking for! Full of amazing visuals, behind the scenes info, tips, and setups, all from the most talented photographers in the world. Might just be the most resourceful photo book I've ever seen made."

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